We at Rays Massage, are giving discount massages to American Rugby Pro Training Center (ARPTC).  Dr. Julie MCcoy Founder.  Regular price 1hr. $65 discount Price $32.50


We provide professional, therapeutic massages, and bodywork to Little Rock,Ar., and surrounding areas since 2002.  Massage therapy can do much more than provide you with a relaxing, pampered experience.  Massage therapy can improve your mental health by alleviating stress and increase your energy.

So, your first step to a healthier, more flexible body and mind is by scheduling an appointment.  Here at Ray's Massage Therapy, massage is not just a luxury but a necessity, make this your first step with our services.  We treat professionals, who need a massage to perform their jobs without stress, pain, and discomfort.

New clients are always welcome. 



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